The City of Lappeenranta will celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence, throughout the celebratory year, in connection with its services and events


Suomi 100 lippu_kuvapankki kuvaaja Leena Koskela_399x266.jpgThe City of Lappeenranta will celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence, throughout 2017, in connection to the services and events produced by its sectors. Moreover, each sector will offer its residents centennial year themed programmes. For example, Sports Services will organise a 100-day campaign promoting exercise (Satavarma liikkuja) and Technical Services will carry out fir tree planting campaigns, around the city.

The centennial year will be notably visible in programmes offered by the museums, the Lappeenranta Provincial Library, the City Theatre and the City Orchestra. In all of the schools, educational institutions and day care centres, a celebration of the 100-year-old homeland will take place, on 6 April.

Alina Kujansivu
, Chair of the preparatory committee for the Suomi Finland 100 celebratory year activities in Lappeenranta, says that the goal is for residents to be able to participate in the celebrations, while taking part in events and campaigns organised by the City or when using Cultural Office services .

“The idea is for the celebratory year to be reflected in the services of all of our sectors. In practice, this will mean that the celebratory year will be visible in all sectors, from sport services to flowerbeds. Special emphasis will be placed on the nation-wide theme, Together, and the regional theme, Karelian, in services and events organised by the City,” Kujansivu continues.

The New Year’s celebrations, on 31 December, will kick off the year-long centennial celebrations. Ice letters spelling out Suomi 100 will be unveiled at Harbour Square, in Lappeenranta. As soon as the New Year begins, fireworks will light up the sky accompanied by Jean Sibelius’ Finlandia hymn.

Once summer arrives, the city’s central flowerbeds will bloom in blue and white. Flying of the celebratory flag, One hundred days until one hundred will take place in the city centre, from 26 August to 6 December.

Follow the events offered by the Sports Services, Cultural Office and City Event Service on the website at and on the Liikkeelle and Lähikulttuuria columns of the residents’ magazine, Lappeenranta.

The 100 logo created by summer flowers and the commemorative forest planted next to the Veteraanipuisto Park

In the summer of 2017, flowerbeds in, the city’s most important places, will bloom in blue and white, the colours of the Finnish flag. The City of Lappeenranta and a regional gardening club will design a massive 100 logo on the slope, underneath the water tower, on the side of Valtakatu Street.

The Fir trees of the future planting campaign will continue the tradition of commemorative trees. In keeping with tradition, fir trees will be individually planted to form small forests. Individual planting events will take place in and around the city, as well as in school and day care centre yards.

The Suomi Finland 100 commemorative forest will be planted on Nature Day, 26 August 2017, next to Veteraanipuisto Park. Organisations, associations, companies and individuals can also plant a fir tree of the future in a spot assigned by the City.

2017 will mark 100 years of Finnish independence. This is an important year for Finland and it will be created together. The celebratory year will generate actions, experiences and programmes. It will come to life, throughout Finland, throughout 2017. A look at the century of Finnish independence, its present and future, will take place through activities.