Lake Saimaa - St. Petersburg Travel Corridor

Welcome to the Lake Saimaa - St. Petersburg Travel Corridor, bringing you One Destination of Two Distinct Experiences!

This Information is for international tour operators interested in developing travel packages combining Lakeland Finland (Lake Saimaa area) and Russia (Leningrad Region & St. Petersburg
region). We hope to inspire you to journey into multifaceted cultures of unique performances, events, traditions, local delicacies and unique ways of life of Finnish Lakeland and the Cultural Capital
of St. Petersburg.


Travel Corridor combines two completely different attractive and popular tourism destinations, Saint Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast, Russia and Saimaa Lakeland region in Finland, in a new way that appeals to new customer segments. The target of the Project is to increase the utilization rate of tourism services in the region and create new business opportunities for tourism service providers.

St. Petersburg and Lake Saimaa cities Imatra, Lappeenranta, Mikkeli and Savonlinna together with Leningrad Region cooperate in the Lake Saimaa St. Petersburg Travel Corridor CBC CORRIDOR 1088 project. The cooperation aims to raise awareness and together with tour operators to increase incoming tourism outside the main tourism season in the region.

Travel Corridor Manual 2021_final.pdf

Funded by The European Union, The Russian Federation and The Republic of Finland.