The colourful events and historical attractions in Lappeenranta, together with the region’s magnificent nature, offer unforgettable experiences year around.
The sustainable destination that has won the title of the European Green Leaf 2021 in a competition organised by the European Commission is a popular destination in Finland and a hub of lakeside tourism.
Lappeenranta’s old town, the Fortress, is a valuable part of the Finnish, Russian and Swedish cultural heritage and its oldest buildings, including Finland’s oldest Orthodox Church, date from the latter part of the 18th century.

This Saimaa UNESCO Global Geopark site’s cobblestones are easily walked or biked with city bikes. Its Nature and Culture trail on ramparts and patrolling dragoons bring the medieval town’s history alive. The embankments around the Fortress are also an excellent place for a picnic, and at the top of the fortification, you may watch the ships gliding into the harbour. The beautiful harbour and the magnificent boardwalk runs along the City-Bay to the largest Sandcastle in Finland and the Myllysaari beach. The Rantaraitti lakeside route, accessible to all, runs along the city for 14,8 kilometres. During summer and autumn, several ships depart from the harbour, heading for the islands’ labyrinth or through the Saimaa Canal to Vyborg or St. Petersburg. Canal Cruises take you to Russia visa-free from Lappeenranta. You may explore the Saimaa UNESCO Global Geopark sites at the Saimaarium Nature and Science Center and begin the conquest of Lake Saimaa from the neighbouring Sandcastle.

Besides the Weekly Activities program, you can rent canoes, SUP boards or bikes, alongside admiring the sculptures and playing in the amusement park or hopping on the city train at the Sandcastle. For sauna lovers, there are sauna boats with meal options or restaurant boats with sauna options at the harbour. You may walk, ski, or skate on the frozen lake during the winter and visit one of the Saimaa UNESCO Global Geopark sites, “Karhusaari” island near the harbour. Remember to also take a picture in Lappeenranta Frames! Have a walk in charming Old Park, better known as “Kissing Park”, previously a popular meeting place for conscripts and their girlfriends. You can also use a city bike and explore Lappeenranta's vast cycling trails, one of Europe´s greenest city!