Lappeenranta's summer of events

The magnificent waters of Lake Saimaa start in Lappeenranta, and you can take a cruise to the archipelago or the Saimaa Canal. The charming harbour area and Myllysaari recreational area offer activities and relaxation for the whole family. A covered outdoor theatre awaits at the Fortress gate, and Finland’s most beautiful golf course is located in Tuosa. You can hop on the street train in the Sandcastle area and rent a canoe, SUP board or bicycle between admiring the sand sculptures. For those who love events, the top picks of the summer’s major events are listed below. You should also explore the summer’s music events and Lappeenranta’s event calendar, which lists even more events.

The positive feedback says that just one day is nowhere near enough: Lappeenranta, one of Europe’s greenest cities, invites you to experience and see its attractions!

Music events

The summer fills Lappeenranta with music events, such as festivals and concerts.

Learn more about them here.

60 years of Vety 18 June 2022

Lappeenranta has the best solution in Finland for sudden hunger pangs. Try the local specialties invented over 40 years ago in the Market Square or Harbour Square. Originally nicknamed “Atomi” and “Vety” after the atomic and hydrogen bomb, the meat pasties are filled with either a boiled egg or smoked or boiled ham (Atomi), or both (Vety). Optional toppings include raw onion, garlic mayonnaise, pickle relish, ketchup and mustard. A visit to Lappeenranta is not complete without this local delicacy.

Yle’s Pointti city festival 18 June 2022

The Pointti city festival is an event organised jointly by the Finnish Public Service Media Company Yle and the City of Lappeenranta. Free of charge, the festival offers plenty of experiences for the whole family. The festival is held in Lappeenranta Harbour Square on 18 June at 10:00–17:00.
At the festival, children and young people will see familiar faces from different TV channels, including traffic park constables Maltti and Valtti, Lloyd Libiso from “Kahden tähden reissu” and Aleksi “mental cigarette” Rantamaa as well as members of Galaxi’s youth editorial team. On a speed date for curious people, festival-goers can ask a familiar TV character or city official a question. The most talked about theme of the day is the “Hyvin sanottu” panel discussion, which is broadcast live at Yle Arena.

A special broadcast of the “Puoli Seitsemän” current affairs programme also takes place in the Harbour Square on 17 June at 21:00, touching the core of Lappeenranta with choir singing and rap music. Yle Olohuone’s special broadcast at Lappeenranta’s old vicarage on 18 June at 21:00 includes the celebration of 60 years of the local delicacy Vety with music and food tastings.

International Grand Markets 30 June–3 July 2022

The International Grand Markets in Harbour Square and its surroundings bring entrepreneurs from more than 30 different countries and various regions of Finland to Lappeenranta with their special products. There are stalls selling international foodstuffs, handicrafts and textiles as well as a children’s fair.

Anniversary party of the City of Lappeenranta and Old Town Days at the Fortress 7 August 2022

Old Town Days at the Fortress are celebrated annually in connection with the anniversary of the City of Lappeenranta on the date of the signing of the town privileges document by Queen Christina of Sweden on 7 August 1649.
The Old Town Days is a happy and eventful weekend for the whole family at the Lappeenranta Fortress and its surroundings. The programme includes workshops with an artistic and cultural focus, various activities, historical drama tours, dance performances and concerts. A new Fortress master is also crowned in the opening ceremony of the Old Town Days.

City open house and Greenreality Carnival 25 August 2022

Lappeenranta, the Climate Capital of Finland 2021, opens its doors on 25 August 2022 and invites all residents to explore the city’s sustainable activities and services. The Greenreality Carnival is celebrated at the same time, delving into Lappeenranta’s green themes. The day offers many sights and experiences in the square in front of the town hall and in various city buildings.

Harbour Lights 27 August 2022

The traditional Sataman Valot (“Harbour Lights”) event concludes the summer season at Lappeenranta Harbour Square and in Shore Park (Rantapuisto). There are musical, circus and acrobatic performances as well as various workshops for the whole family and other activities.

Lappeenranta event calendar full of summer events

Summer in Lappeenranta is full of events – take a look at Lappeenranta’s event calendar here.

Do not change the scenery – stay longer on the shores of Lake Saimaa

Lappeenranta has plenty of things to do for every day of the week, so why not stay for longer? Explore the weekly activities programme, many activities of which are guaranteed to be organised – even for just one participant.

The Lappeenranta region hosts a wide variety of events, and the offering is constantly expanding. The most up-to-date information is available on the Lappeenranta Events website.
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