Li Zhaoping


Li Zhaoping, from Shenzhen in China, a Miss Tourism International from her region, is a student at Lappeenranta University of Applied Sciences, who writes about her many first experiences in Lappeenranta.

Fantastic Lappeenranta

Kirjoittanut Li Zhaoping  Luotu 18.03.2015

My mood has been super fantastic today! Lappeenranta really has the charm to make you smile and make your day! I can’t wait to tell you what I just did today. Sooo cool soooo nice sooo exciting sooo lovely sooo touching sooo new… All kinds of feelings mixed together to form an unforgettable memory in my life! Really!!!

Look at me!!!  Woohoo! You may have guessed it right; I am about to drive a snowmobile!!! There is the saying; “You dress professional, you act professional,” and I hope that the snowmobile is not too hard to handle.


As this is all new to me, at first I was too nervous and forgot to make a turn; I need to at least turn the ‘snowmobile head’ simply to the right or left but I was only driving straight and kept shouting “I don’t know how to turn!!!” Oh my god, silly me, I laugh about it now after words. 

Hey, but look, I quickly got the hang of it and started speeding faster and faster. Look!  I even made a nice turn track on the lake didn’t I?


I guess my thumb told you how happy I am! In the middle of the biggest lake in Finland: Saimaa Lake! I can enjoy the absolute peace and quiet, that kind of moment is luxury compare to the crowded China.


Okay, since I am in the middle of the lake, of course, I would love to do ice fishing. I have tried it before, but this is something you would never get bored of doing! Drilling through the ice is probably my favorite part - ha ha!


And if like me and you don’t catch any fish, fear not! You have no reason to get upset as a campfire by the lake will make you feel 100% cheered up! Oh, sorry, I have been indulging to talk about myself, come to meet my new friend Vincent all the way from Holland.


We brought sausages and self-made coffee here for nice rewards afterwards.


Oh my god!!! Look at this!!! The moment I see these lovely reindeers, I am so touched that I even have tears blurring my eyes a bit! I am really thrilled that I finally have the chance to try reindeer sledding!!! I think in every girl’s fantasy must be reindeer sledding!!! I feel like I was brought into a fairytale!!! There it is!! There it is!!! Dream comes true!!!



I would really want to add, if you haven’t tried reindeer sledding whilst in Finland it doesn’t count as a proper visit!  Trying reindeer sledding brings you to a compete new level for the realization of a good life. I love the fact I could do this in Lappeenranta and there was no need for long travel to Lapland!

It is my first time to see real reindeer, so of course I want to get closer with them. Look look! They are so lovely!!! Not scared of me at all.


Ohhh….. here not only can you try reindeer sledding but you can also have the taste by eating the reindeer meat!!! I would say this is the best meat in the world! You know I am Chinese and we are pretty wild when it comes to eating. I have tried so many different kinds of animal meat, but this is really tasty!!! Soooo yummy!!! I think tonight when I sleep, I will be dreaming of reindeer.


Ahh…. What a wonderful wonderful day I had! I absolutely loved it. I enjoyed my day so much! Lappeenranta, I love it more and more, Lappeenranta, the city itself it is like the process of tea drinking, the longer you taste, the stronger taste it gets. And “Lappeenranta taste” is going to be long-lasting every bits inside me.