Li Zhaoping


Li Zhaoping, from Shenzhen in China, a Miss Tourism International from her region, is a student at Lappeenranta University of Applied Sciences, who writes about her many first experiences in Lappeenranta.

First experiences

Kirjoittanut Li Zhaoping  Luotu 25.02.2015

I am Li Zhaoping, from Shenzhen in China. After graduating from college in China in 2008, I worked in a stable job for the next 5 years. It was then that I decided to make a change in my life, and chose to come to a brand new place which could freshen me up and allow me to experience something exciting and different. I also had the desire to gain new insight into the latest business ideas and strategies from across the global markets and develop a global perspective on developing trends so I decided to come to one of the leading business universities: Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, which leads me to where I am now: Lappeenranta, Finland.


 Lappeenranta has offered me so many new “first experiences” which was exactly what I was searching for. These continue to keep me happy and motivated to study and live abroad. I would like to share some of these “first time experiences” with you:


As I am from the south of China, I had never seen an apple tree as the climate is not suitable for them to grow. Lappeenranta has no pollution, so I couldn't help to take a bite directly from the apple tree already :P


Look how many blueberries I have picked already!? And it’s free from the forest! This would cost me a fortune if I had bought them in China. Yoohooo!!! Forests in Lappeenranta are easy to reach and picking and eating berries at the same time is really so much fun and a great activity to do with friends.


Of course, going boating on Saimaa lake is a must in summer!!! That really helps me to relax and enjoy the sunbathing. Before coming to Lappeenranta, I always carried an umbrella wherever I walk in China, but here it has changed me, I want to get closer to nature and I enjoy the peace of the lake in the warm sunshine! Okay, in China I could go boating too, but I promise you the experience here is just totally different!


Another first for me was playing floorball with my classmates! Wooo…before coming to Lappeenranta, I had not even heard about floorball! What an interesting game. Even though I had no experience beforehand, my Finnish friends are to nice enough to let me join in and I it was fun, energetic and exciting. It's my favourate sport now and I play it whenever I have some free time! ;)


Saimaa lake is charming in winter time as well! first time ice-fishing! Even drilling a hole excites me so much! If you come to Lappeenranta, you have to come in summer and winter, same location but totally different experience. Once again, I am from the south of China, can you believe my first snow experience was in Lappeenranta, Finland!?  One of the classic Finnish experience: ice-fishing, you just have to try. After ice-fishing, I went to sauna, oops… sorry, camera is not allowed :P

Lappeenranta has so much more to offer, my story is no way ending here, stay tight with me, there are many more awesome stories to tell :)