Li Zhaoping


Li Zhaoping, from Shenzhen in China, a Miss Tourism International from her region, is a student at Lappeenranta University of Applied Sciences, who writes about her many first experiences in Lappeenranta.

Hi Everybody

Kirjoittanut Li Zhaoping  Luotu 14.04.2015

Finally I am back in China, sitting in a café and enjoying the afternoon sunshine. The table next to me just mentioned Formula One and Kimi Raikkonen and suddenly Finland came flooding back, recalling the good times in Lappeenranta and decided to share with you all again.

Now I understand more when people always say: "You should go travelling and explore the world". One of the last activities I tried in Europe turned out to be one of the most interesting! I had never heard anybody mention this one before and unless I had lived in Finland I might still not know it exists! It basically involves wearing a special suit, lying on your back and then floating around a lake. Floating in an icy cold lake in the middle of winter sounded like a crazy idea when I was first told about it. Secondly I was super nervous about trying it as I do not know how to swim! However, since I also love to try new experience, I dived straight in and decided to have a go. I couldn't miss another of Finland's specialities could I? The pictures show what a great time we all had.


Surprisingly, I did not feel cold at all inside the special suit as it really protects you to stay dry and warm. I was like a happy duck floating on the water, lying down, watching the sky, enjoying the peace and feeling totally relaxed. They say floating on the water is so rejuvenating it is equivalent to 6 hours sleep. Oh wa!!! And it didn't matter at all that I couldn't swim as the suit keeps you safely buoyant in the water and I was able to free style and do any movement I like.  This really is great for us who are not so confident in the water. You would be surprised how many millions of Chinese have never learnt how to swim just like me.


Speaking of relaxation, I love taking visits to China Liangtse Wellness in Lappeenranta, which offers real traditional massages just like I can find in my hometown. Whenever I used to feel homesick, I knew I could always go there, and the staff is very friendly, and I could speak Chinese with them. Lovely! It was also very nice to hear that for a week in February the Wellness Centre donated all of the money they receive from customers to education support.


Oh, mentioning the new, how can I forget my Sandcastle visiting experience in Lappeenranta.  The city really has its own way to build the new from the ordinary. I have seen many huge castles in different countries around Europe, but I've never seen sandcastles built like this!

Lappeenranta is one word but contains so much more to offer.

I cannot recall how many new experiences I have tried in Finland but coming back to China, so many friends are eager to hear all of my stories abroad. I always tell them how the Finnish way differs from Chinese, but all in a positive way! Really, Lappeenranta has offered me so many interesting, lovely and exciting experiences. Lappeenranta is one word but contains so much more to offer. I have spent two years there, and the city never failed to keep throwing up surprises for me. I truly miss Lappeenranta and I truly miss Finland for its purity, integrity and incredibility.