Sledging at the Lappeenranta Fortress

What’s better than sledging? asks Duncan, aka Tucan. Probably the only thing that is better is sledding with friends.

Tom and his friends Daan & Jelmer and of course myself Tucan went to try the hills behind our apartment. This is at the beginning of Pallo, next to the Kissing Park and the Old Town known as Fortress. People told us that this would be the best place to go for some sledging. After some climbing we finally got to the right place. We shared the hill with some smaller kids. I asked them if they would like to be on video. The response I got back was in fluent English: “No, rather not”. I have never been so impressed by someone around 10 years of age.

After two hours of sledging it was time to go home and drink some hot chocolate. I really recommend doing some sledging. It’s really fun especially because you have some good hills here – unlike in Holland.