Snowboarding at Night in Lappeenranta

It is Duncan Kuiper again finding out what is the best thing to do after a long day at work? How about some night snowboarding?

Two friends and I visited Myllymäki skiing center. It’s a nice place for some skiing and snowboarding. The people that were with me are all good at skiing and snowboarding. I am totally not good at snowboarding and even worse at skiing so it was a bit hard for me. Since the place isn't that big but big enough to have a nice time all of us had a good time. My skilled friend can do tricks as he even participates in snowboarding contests. He showed me around how I should use my board. Also random people that were boarding helped me out. The people at Myllymäki are all really nice and helpful. Also the price isn’t that much.

I would definitely check this place out. Of course it isn't the Alpes but if you want to have some snow fun for a few hours you should check it out.

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