Hi I am Roberta from Italy. I am studying for the MSc in computer science at LUT, this is my first year here in Lappeenranta and I will have another more year here to enjoy the city!

Winter adventures in Rauha

Kirjoittanut Roberta  Luotu 24.03.2016


I am Roberta from Italy. I am studying for the MSc in computer science at LUT, this is my first year here in Lappeenranta and I will have another more year here to enjoy the city!

Before coming to Lappeenranta I experienced Finland, which is why I am familiar with the environment nature, nature, nature! If you like the feeling of peacefulness and tranquillity when everything around you is calm and white, then welcome to the Finnish winter… you can really concentrate on yourself :)

Whenever the feeling of peacefulness and tranquillity is enough, I start to look for new activities and experience. I thoughtt about winter activities in the area and yes here we go to try new activities in Rauha!

With Nino, a friend of mine from Italy, we went to Rauha area of Lappeenranta and we had so much fun experiencing new great things there.
It was on a Friday that we woke up early enough (it was not tough though J as we were so excited about the day) to reach the city centre, where we needed to take the bus to Imatra which would have drop us on the way to Rauha. It took around 40 mins to reach the place and thanks to the bus driver we got the right stop. We started walking following the directions to the Adventure Park thinking it was the place where we would have found the winter activities. We walked 15 mins and reached this Adventure Park and guess what? It was a summer activity park. It looked really interesting and funny and for sure we will try it as soon as it will be open, but it was onot the place we were looking for! 

We kindly asked to a woman walking by to show us the way where we could find Saimaa Adventures, the company which provides the activities. We were pretty close J. After 5 mins walk, you know what, we felt a bit at home there as the mall where Saimaa Adventures is located is called Capri like the Island of the region we come from!


As soon as the shop opened we went into the shop. Other people were there ready to have fun on the quad activity like we. The guy in the shop, provided us with warm and appropriate clothes and we started to dress them up! We had fun starting already here, we were laughing at each other rider’s looks.


When everything was ready we got the helmets on and the adventure was about to begin.
At first the four-wheel felt pretty heavy to drive. My arms were in tension for the whole tour. It was kind of scary to drive a heavy thing on a frozen lake. This is pretty new for us as the lakes are meant to be watery :D.  But after a while I was having so much fun driving and yes, I was also speeding up more and more. J We stopped in the middle of nowhere to take some pictures and me and Nino were both were feeling like “Yeah we are driving a quad on a frozen lake” feeling which is worth experiencing. :D




Once the four-wheel tour ended, we went back to the shop, ready to start another activity after a small break with a hot tea. The quad was a unique experience but the funniest one was the snowshoe walking tour. The first few meters with them were pretty “funny”. We both looked like as a small children taking their first steps and of course we fall down also…
We walked on the lake and trough it as we were supposed to reach the island, which was 2 km far from the shore. Yes you read in the right way ‘we were supposed to’, but on the half of the way we were already tired and the time passed so fast! We decided to sit in the middle of the lake and started drinking the hot chocolate that Saimaa Adventures provided for us, sounds lazy no! Believe me, hot drinks are the most wanted things, when doing outside activities.




On our way back to the shop, we passed by the “Lappi” shop… Yes it was the reindeer that attracted us. There we ate local pastries called “pulla” with coffee. There was a really nice atmosphere made by the fireplace and moreover by the lady in the shop who was very kind. We had a nice conversation with her regarding the outside activities. Of course we could not leave without a small “conversation” with the most fanatic reindeer. J Yes how would you call a reindeer that turns the head in the opposite side of you? “Fanatic proud reindeer”, we laughed a lot for this!  You ought visit this adventure as well!






Once we returned the snowshoes back to the Saimaa Adventures, it was time to start walking back in order to catch the bus back to Lappeenranta.

We are really looking forward to have the chance to do other activities and moreover for the summer activities!

Ciao ciao !