Winter time in Lappeenranta

Lappeenranta is a great winter holiday destination for people of all ages. Besides the Winter Harbour, the hot spot for winter activities and events, the Rauha-Tiuru area offers plenty of indoor and outdoor activities. You can enjoy winter fun on the Myllymäki Ski Resort, which is a safe place to learn downhill skiing or enjoy a sled ride or visit Valkoinen Kukka's huskyfarm. For indoor fun, try the HopLop and Angry Birds activity parks.

Experience winter in Lappeenranta

Whole family's Winter harbour is full of activities, events and equipment rental options

The hotspot for winter activities and events is the Winter harbour at the Harbour square! The Winter Harbour is open 27.1.-2.3.2024 and on the opening weekend the city is also celebrating the opening of the Dream Year of Culture!
The Winter Harbour ends with five different theme weekends, where you can try winter baseball, husky sleigh riding, fly a kite on the ice of Lake Saimaa or relax by the evening fires.

The program is being updated...

Rent snowshoes or sliding snowshoes from the self-service rack next to the stage at the harbour. More information and reservations from Saimaan Palju Event’s site The company also rents e-fatbikes, more information here. 

The nearby restaurants, cafés and other service producers also serve the visitors of the Winter Harbour.

Welcome to enjoy the best sides of winter!


Lappeenranta Fortress is an excellent place for adventure. With the nature and cultural trail it`s easier to explore the historical Fortress of Lappeenranta. The route around the fortress is about 1.8 km long and there are 11 signposts along the trail, that tell the story of the area's building and cultural history, as well as its distinctive vegetation. Following the trail around the fortress is a great way to learn about the architectural and cultural history of the fortress and the surrounding natural environment. Lappeenranta Fortress also happens to be one of the best places in the city to go for sledding.

Skiing and ice skating

Skiing is great for all-round fitness, and there are plenty of ski trails in the city, including e.g. in Pappilanniemi and Lauritsala and around Lappeenranta Airport and the Army Academy. There are also trails across Lake Saimaa to destinations such as the Karhusaari and Mikonsaari islands. Drakkar Sport rents also skies during the winter season. 

Ice skating is a fun and energetic pastime for people of all ages. There are ice skating rinks all over the city. The rinks in Kimpinen, Voisalmi, Sammonlahti, Lauritsala and the baseball stadium, for example, are open to the public on a daily basis.

Information in Finnish about the current condition of the city's ski trails and ice skating rinks can be found here


Are you brave enough to try winter cycling?

Lappeenranta is a keen advocate of sustainable mobility and an excellent city for cycling in both summer and winter.  The city’s cycling routes are maintained throughout the year and ploughed and gritted on most winter days as well. The dark winter evenings are not an obstacle either, as long as you have good lights of your bike and wear reflective clothing.

You can rent a bike and explore the wintry landscape around Lake Saimaa at your own pace. E-fatbikes and -bikes can be rented from Saimaan Palju Events.


Wintry walks

What could be better than a walk in wintry woods, followed by a hot cup of tea or coffee by an open fire? The beautiful Lake Saimaa and its extensive network of stunning hiking trails are on our doorstep.  The scenery is breathtaking in the winter: trails definitely worth exploring include the Lakeside Route along the shores of Lake Saimaa, the Pappilanniemi nature trail, the Mikonsaari nature trail, the Hämmäauteensuo swamp area (rent also gliding snowshoes from the Saimaan Palju Event's self-service locker, more information on their website) and hiking routes around Myllymäki Ski Resort.

The Cirque de Saimaa Spa at Holiday Club Saimaa

“The Cirque de Saimaa” Spa offers experiences for all ages and tastes. Enjoy the speed of water slides or relax in the atmospheric Sauna World. Pamper yourself with a luxurious Harmony Spa wellness treatment. Holiday Club Saimaa Spa and Wellness section is unique and it offers refreshing spa treatments for the whole family. 

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Culture all year round

Lappeenranta’s cultural landscapes are steeped in history and provide a wonderful setting for enjoying an almost Central European atmosphere. Lappeenranta is closer than you think and has great opportunities for shopping, culture and relaxation.
We have put together a list of the best attractions, events and sights for culture lovers, and there are lots of them. Unforgettable culinary experiences include dinner by Lake Saimaa and traditional meat pies “Atomi” and “Vety” with a local twist: the addition of either ham or egg or both. 
Hundreds of events of various kinds are held in Lappeenranta every year. Lappeenranta is a university city, which also hosts a wide range of festivals, concerts, sporting events and street fairs both in urban settings and amid the tranquil scenery of Lake Saimaa.

Angry Birds Activity Park

Indoor activity and adventure venues are a great option for days when the weather is far from appealing and you need to find something for your younger family members to do. A great idea is to head out to the Angry Bird Activity Park, an indoor adventure venue in the Rauha area, next to the Holiday Club Saimaa.

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Myllymäki Ski Resort


Myllymäki Ski Resort offers affordable ski equipment hire and lift passes. Snacks are available in the restaurant. The resort is particularly well suited for snowboarding. The surrounding area also boasts an excellent network of cross-country skiing trails. Myllymäki’s size and safety make it an ideal learning environment for younger skiers. Sledding is a great option for the youngest family members and sledding slopes can be found at Myllymäk.

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Did you know that Lappeenranta is also the official coffee capital of Finland? Satamatie 6 beneath Lappeenranta Fortress near the harbour was voted the best café in Finland in 2018 and 2020. Makea Coffee in the city centre ranked third in the country in 2020. It also won the titles of best espresso and best roastery of 2022.

And there is no better way to end a sightseeing tour than a cup of tea or coffee with a slice of delicious berry pie in Lappeenranta Fortress’s own Café Majurska or a plate of waffles in the atmospheric Café Luovuus in the historic Kinnunen house. There are also many other wonderful cafés that are worth visiting in Lappeenranta!


Visit the Husky Farm!

Valkoinen Kukka offers tailored experiences for both small and large groups. Valkoinen Kukka provides visits to a husky farm, sled rides, and drumming sessions in a teepee. The area also features a rentable sauna and a Native American canoe.

Valkoinen Kukka is located just 15 km away from the center of Lappeenranta. You can find more information here.