The Cirque de Saimaa Spa at Holiday Club Saimaa

The Cirque de Saimaa Spa flirts with an amusement park and circus theme. The pools are shaped like a river bed and they include a pool for games and a diving pool, with a platform that attracts divers. There is a water slide that will dazzle your senses, as will the central piazza of the pool area, with its fountains and colourful lighting. You can join in independent water games in the games pool, where hydrobics classes also take place.

Information about the spa

Spa admission includes the regular men’s and women’s saunas in the pool facilities and a wooden sauna, on the rooftop terrace. There is also an Igloo sauna for little children, with heated benches and a TV, in the spa area. The wooden sauna, on the rooftop terrace of the spa, is heated on summer evenings and you can slip into the hot tub, dive into the outdoor pool or enjoy a game of paddle tennis in the area in front of the sauna.
The minimum age of admission to the spa for children unaccompanied by an adult is 12 years and for the water slide, 8 years.

Sun Deck

On the rooftop of the spa hotel, you can find the most impressive rooftop terrace in Finland, a place where you can truly enjoy a lovely summer’s day. Up on the sun deck, you will find a bar, where you can enjoy an ice cream or snacks, as well as a wide range of refreshing drinks. You can play a game of paddle tennis, table tennis or badminton on the sun deck. With a spa entrance ticket, you can enjoy the hot tub or dive into the outdoor swimming pool, followed by a lovely warm soak in the wooden sauna, which is also located on the rooftop terrace.

Sauna Heaven

For an additional €7, you can enter Sauna Heaven, from the pools at the spa, ask to have this added to your wristband, at the spa reception. Sauna Heaven has four saunas: a master sauna, a salt sauna, a steam room and a cottage sauna. These are unisex saunas, so wear your swimming suit or a sarong towel. You can get a sarong, at the bar, in Sauna Heaven. After enjoying the heat, you can cool off under a refreshing cascade of water, in the showers. Sauna Heaven also has a small pool.

Harmony Spa

You will find the Harmony Spa on the ground floor of the Gant Hotel. The spa includes a number of treatment rooms and a relaxation area that offers a lovely retreat from the everyday life. Exclusive products guarantee optimal relaxation and great results from the treatments. In the Harmony Spa shop, you will find products from Gant and home treatment products from the line of exclusive products used at the spa.


Rauhanrinne 1, 55320, Rauha, Lappeenranta
phone +358 30 686 1093

Good to know

• You can buy tickets to the spa at the spa reception, at Holiday Club Saimaa.
• You must be wearing a swimsuit to enter the spa.
• It is forbidden to swim in shorts, for hygienic reasons.
• Entrance to the saunas in Sauna Heaven is strictly limited to those wearing a swimsuit or a sarong.
• 0-24-month-old swimmers must wear a swimming nappy.
• You can hire swimsuits and towels at the spa reception.
• The minimum age limit for children entering without an adult is 12 years.
• You must be at least 8 years old or 120 cm tall to use the water slide.
• There are strong, flashing light effects in the spa, which may irritate those suffering from migraine.