Parking in Lappeenranta

There is plenty of parking space in the centre of Lappeenranta; most of it is located in heated underground parking garages. The company responsible for public parking facilities in Lappeenranta, Williparkki, has three parking garages, in the city centre: P-City, P-Pormestari and P-Tori.
The shopping centres in the City offer free-of-charge parking for shoppers.

Parking garages

P-City is the most recent addition to the Williparkki parking facilities, and is located in the heart of the City, under Maria Square. Entry and exit take place on Kirkkokatu Street. See the location:
P-Pormestari is a modern underground parking garage underneath Vapaudenaukio Square. Drive in and out from Valtakatu Street or the ramp on Villimiehenkatu Street. See the location:
P-Tori is located in the centre of Lappeenranta, at Market Square (Kauppatori). You can drive in and out of the parking facility using the ramps on Snellmaninkatu and Lappeenkatu Streets. See the location:

Shopping centre parking

In IsoKristiina Shopping Centre, there are 550 parking spaces on four floors. The easiest way to drive into the IsoKristiina’s parking garage is at 7 Lappeenkatu Street, at the Hietalankatu Street crossing, where there are traffic lights. Another entry is at 3 Brahenkatu Street. The parking fee is €1.50/h for the first hour, with each 20 minutes thereafter costing €0.50. Please be sure to take a ticket. When leaving the shopping centre, you can pay for parking at the machine or at the beam at the exit. Payment can be made in cash or with debit, credit and Electron cards. To pay at the exit beam, you have to use a credit card.
You can enter the Shopping Centre Galleria parking facility from Kirkkokatu Street. Free parking on Sundays, from 12 noon to 4 pm.  
The Armada Shopping Centre offers its customers 2 hours of free rooftop parking.

Free parking at the Harbour and City Bay

You can find free parking spaces near the Harbour and the Fortress, for example along Kristiinankatu Street. In the summer, there are free parking spots right next to the Sandcastle. There are also free-of-charge parking spaces closer to the Harbour at the gravel areas, where many people park their cars when going for a cruise.

Where to park in the City, when you are going to:

Pedestrian street Oleksi
• Ainonkatu Street and its many side streets have a total of 183 free-of-charge parking spaces.
• On the other side of the railway tracks, on Lönnrotinkatu Street, there are 134 more.
• In winter, there are approximately 160 free-of-charge parking spaces near the Harbour and the Fortress.
To the Market Square
87 free-of-charge parking spots await on Lönnrotinkatu, Marjankatu and Yjönkatu Streets, right on the other side of the railway tracks.
To the City Hall
• There are some parking spots that require the use of a parking disc in the garages underneath and next to the City Hall.
• On Kauppakatu Street, next to the Shopping Centre Galleria, there are 11 one hour parking spaces.
Library (in the Shopping center IsoKristiina)
Parking space in IsoKristiina shopping center
• On Koulukatu, Kimpisenkatu and Raastuvankatu Streets, you will find 47 free-of-charge parking spaces.