International student city

A top-quality education, international atmosphere and humane environment render Lappeenranta a unique place to study.
The Skinnarila campus is the most international university campus in Finland. It consists of Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT) and LAB University of Applied Sciences. The great environment offers a comfortable setting for studies. The “Spirit of Skinnarila” is a fundamental part of Lappeenranta’s identity.

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About internationality

Skinnarila Campus

Nearly 8,000 young and adult university students study at the Skinnarila Campus, which has a total of 18,000 residents, in the western part of the city. The campus is located on the shore of Lake Saimaa and the students have given it the nickname of Skinnarila Free State. All of the teaching facilities and most of the daily services, needed by the students, can be found under one roof. It is approximately 7 km from the city centre. Buses run between the city centre and the campus every 15 minutes, and increase to every 5 to 10 minutes during rush hours.
Years and even decades later, Lappeenranta graduates fondly remember the unique sense of community at the campus, the “Skinnarila spirit”.

Breathing international air

The universities are of utmost importance to the city and its business life, and students are an integral part of the city’s identity. Student events can even be seen and heard in the city centre. Some 67 nationalities are represented among the university students alone and are a welcome addition to the city's already international atmosphere.

Open your mind!

Agile and dynamic collaboration is characteristic of LUT, where a liberal “open your mind” attitude prevails. Since 1969, the university has been a trailblazer, by combining technology and business. LUT is in the Top 300, in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings. It offers education in business sciences and technology. LUT graduates find demanding and well-paid positions in their fields, both in Finland and abroad.

Internationality in practice

There are 3,000 students at the LAB University of Applied Sciences, of whom 10 per cent come from abroad. The school offers its students excellent opportunities for international experiences. All students are given the chance to go abroad, by participating in either an international study exchange or practical training. Studies include on-the-job training periods and project work. There is close cooperation with local businesses and other parties in the area.
The research and development focuses on humans and the idea that innovations are only created from real needs. Training focuses on customer and user orientation, internationality, technological innovations and new generation business operations.

Technopolis Skinnarila

Near the universities, is Technopolis Skinnarila that provides business facilities other services relevant to business and employment. There is a cluster of high technology business operations in the area, along with other activities. The universities and nearby technology enterprises employ approximately 200 people.