Lappeenranta is an active city, where you can find plenty to do, throughout the year. A wide range of activities and services await you, in and around the open waters, in the summer season and on the ice-covered shores, in winter, of Lake Saimaa.
You can hire equipment and explore on your own or try out something new in a group. Rauha is a superb hub for tourism and recreational activity services. Below is a list of companies that provide activity services as well as other services that the City of Lappeenranta offers to its residents and tourists.

Experience these

DMC Saimaan Palju Events operates at the City of Lappeeranta's Sandcastle tourism services hub with guaranteed weekly activities and rental services. The company brings you Lake Saimaa nature experiences, diverse activities and an authentic Finnish floating sauna. The main products are Floating Sauna cruises, nature and culture treks and guided bicycle tours. The guaranteed weekly activities can be availed during the summer, e.g. kayaking, SUP boarding, wild herb picking, Salpalinja guided tours and many other great things the region has to offer!

Contact Saimaan Palju Events DMC, Teemu Virtanen
Tel. +358 40 5880 738