Cycling in Lappeenranta

It is easy to bicycle around Lappeenranta. There is a total of 275 kilometres of bicycle roads with spectacular views and 95 kilometres of main bicycle routes. The cycling route network has been systematically extended and the main routes have been selected so that they form a comprehensive and clear network throughout the city, from all directions.

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Information about cycling in Lappeenranta

Nearly 100 km of bicycle routes

There are amazing cycling routes, with spectacular views of Lake Saimaa, in the Lappeenranta area. The main cycle routes have signs that indicate the distance to destinations and traffic sign poles have been marked with coloured tape to indicate the route.

Saimaa Archipelago Cycling Route

The Saimaa Archipelago Route is a traditional popular cycling tour in the southern Saimaa region.

The route is about 154 km long and it´s worth to book several days for this route (at least 2-3 days), there is a lot to see for example several Saimaa Geopark sites.

On the route you can explore the sights of the cities of Lappeenranta and Imatra, as well as three attractive smaller centres: Taipalsaari, Ruokolahti and Joutseno. 

Specially for geology enthusiastics cycling along the vast marginal formations of Salpausselkä, shaped by the continent. The first Salpausselkä can be seen from Imatra to Lappeenranta and the Second Salpausselkä in Kyläniemi and Utula, Ruokolahti.

There is a ferry transport on the route, which must be booked in advance.

You can book also guided cycling tours from Saimaan Palju


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Bike hire


Charging stations for e-bikes can be found in the Harbour Square, Market Square and Maria Square. For one to be able to charge their bike they need a charger compatible to the battery that will be attached to the charging station's plug.The bike frame can be attached to the station during charging.