Mikonsaari Nature Trail

Located in front of the city of Lappeenranta, Mikonsaari island is a nice day trip destination especially in the summer. Mikonsaari has a nature trail, which has a total length of approx. 2 km and can be divided into two separate routes: Lehtipolku and Havulenkki. The island’s surroundings are popular for canoeing.

Mikonsaari Island is located close to the city of Lappeenranta, but the distance by land from the city centre is about 10 km. It is an ideal day trip destination. In damp weather, rubber boots are necessary.


Hikers on the nature trail can observe a number of habitats in a small area.

Information about the trail

The Mikonsaari nature trail starts from the parking area on the right side of Mikonsaarentie road. On the trail, you can observe a number of habitats within a small area. It leads through an old coniferous forest into a moist herb-rich forest. There is a spring in the herb-rich forest offering fresh water to drink. From the high, lichen-covered cliff, a handsome view opens out towards the Pien-Saimaa archipelago, and you can take a break at the lean-to nearby.


Parking: Mikonsaarentie 345, Lappeenranta. 


The Mikonsaari nature trail can be taken in both directions. The trail is marked with red paint marks and signs. It is also possible to take a shortcut if you do not want to walk the entire trail.

If you take the trail anticlockwise, you first take the forest road to the Niemisenselkä shore. Quite soon after you reach the shore, there is a campfire site on the cliff, where you can have a snack break. As the journey continues, you will arrive at a lookout spot with a rest bench.

The trail occasionally rises into the forest but returns to the cliffs, where you can also find a lean-to built in Lappeenranta’s Green Leaf 2021 winning year. In its vicinity, you can find a firewood shed, two campfire sites and benches. Next to the lean-to, there is also a large wooden dining table with seating for about 14 people.

Source: South Karelian Foundation for Recreation Areas