Lappeenranta during christmas

Christmas time in Lappeenranta

From Lappeenranta starts Saimaa, the lake of pure nature and beautiful scenery

The Climate Capital of Finland, Lappeenranta, brings nature activities to your fingertips in its Lake Saimaa neighbourhood. The Saimaa UNESCO Global Geopark historical fortress and nature sights are reached in the central harbour and old town area, only 2 hours from Helsinki.

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11/14/2023 8:18 AM

Being an entrepreneur in Lappeenranta. My hometown Lappeenranta by Jukka Mononen, Tuju Brewing Company Ltd.

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7/18/2023 3:02 PM

The roadmap for sustainable tourism in the Lappeenranta region has been published. The roadmap, prepared for the first time, identifies the greatest sustainability challenges in tourism in the Lappeenranta region and sets a goal to respond to them.

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