Korpikeidas Domestic Animal Park

The Korpikeidas Domestic Animal Park is a great place to see and learn about familiar and not-so-familiar animals. Approximately 100 small domestic animals run free in the area, and larger ones are kept in the fenced areas. You can feed and pet the animals that wander free in the area. This is an unforgettable experience, especially for children.
There is also a salmon tank for fishing. You can smoke your salmon and eat it right away or take it with you

Information about the park

Chickens, roosters, guinea pigs and much more

The Domestic Animal Park is a four-hectare fenced area that makes a great summer outing, for the whole family. There are lambs, several breeds of rabbits, chickens and roosters, guinea pigs, turkeys, doves and piglets.
The Domestic Animal Park is excellently located along the road to the Myllymäki ski resort.

Salmon fishing and conference facilities

There is a spring water salmon tank in the Korpikeidas area and you can fish for salmon from the tank, throughout the year. It is also possible to smoke your fish, right away. You can place a phone order for fish.
Korpikeidas rents out its 110 sq. metre Korpimantti conference facility for meetings and special occasions.

Contact information

Korpikeidas kotieläinmetsä
Vesikkolantie 415
54100 Joutseno
Puh. +358 5 4133334

Opening hours

Salmon Fishing is open throughout the year, Mon–Sun 10 am to 6 pm. Fishing and smoking ends 30 minutes before closing time.
The Domestic Animal Park is open in the summer, from 1 June, from 10 am to 7 pm. Ticket sales close one hour before closing time.