Myllysaari Experience and Family Park

The Myllysaari Family and Experience Park is a popular recreation area near the city centre, on the shore of Lake Saimaa. You can go swimming, enjoy the sauna, work out, do parkour or play beach volley on a great court. The grass areas are ideal for relaxing, in between swimming and exercising.
In the winter, there are two ice-swimming spots at Myllysaari, one at the swimming area and one at the public sauna.

Information about the park

Myllysaari Family Park

Located immediately east of the City Bay (Kaupunginlahti), Myllysaari is, in fact, a narrow and long point that protrudes into Lake Saimaa. You can enjoy a wide variety of beach services at Myllysaari, including a beach with diving platforms, a shallow sandy beach for children, a sledding slide and plenty of green areas. In addition to this, you will find beach volley courts, a playground, an exercise and climbing equipment area, a lakeshore café and a public sauna. The children in the family will enjoy street basketball and doing tricks on the parkour course.

A base for rowers and canoers is located on the eastern edge of the area.
The walkways in Myllysaari offer a convenient route for getting around and they are also wheelchair accessible. Recording surveillance cameras cover the whole area and help prevent mischief and littering, while enhancing safety in the area.
There is a swimming place for dogs next to the Myllysaari Family Park.