Fazer Shop Lappeenranta

Welcome to the Fazer Shop located in the Lappeenranta harbor, where the heart of the store is the locally produced sweets made in Lappeenranta!

The store is situated in an idyllic location next to the fortifications, beside the Sandcastle, in a historically significant red brick building. The building, completed in 1915, has previously housed a sauna and laundry room, a workshop for the Finnish army and a foundry.

Pihlaja, Marianne, Tutti Frutti, Pantteri…..

In Fazer's new store in Lappeenranta harbor, methods to combat food waste generated in production are being tested in collaboration with customers. The store offers confectionery products that taste excellent but have slightly different colors or shapes, such as underweight products that are not suitable for regular sales. Similarly, special batches can also be sold, such as test products or trial runs where a new recipe or production process has been tried. Products nearing their best-before date will also be part of the store's selection. Stop by to see the day's selection! In addition to sweets and chocolate products, the store's range includes other Fazer products such as rice pies, bread, porridge, and muesli.


Satamatie 15-17
53900 Lappeenranta
Puh. 050 523 1490

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 10:30 - 18:00
Saturday 10:00 - 15:00