Animal Welfare Center Miu

South-Eastern Finland Animal Welfare Association is located in Mustola, Lappeenranta. The animal welfare center is equipped with modern facilities built inside a historical canal building by the Mustola lock.

The animal welfare center is located by the eastern Rantaraitti and is accessible by public transport (Buses going to Mustola.) The center has places for over 50 homeless cats, many dogs, bunnies and for other small pets. 

Cat Café

The animal welfare center has a cat café, which is open couple of days a week. From the café you can see into two cat rooms, so you may admire adorable homeless cats while enjoying the café's products. You may not pet the cats. During the café's opening hours is the animal welfare centers visitor time, so you may go see the homeless animals.

The association's endorsement products are sold at the café and the flea market is open at the yard building. Dogs are welcomed to the café. All profits from the sold products from the café, flea market and endorsement sales are going for homeless animals and the animal protection and welfare work of the association.

Space rent and Cat hotel

The café space located at the Miu Animal Welfare Center is available for rent for events such as parties, meetings, or recreational purposes. The indoor area is intended for a maximum of 35 people. Additionally, during the summer season, there is a terrace available with outdoor furniture. Within the Animal Welfare Center premises, there is a cat hotel operated by the association, where owners can bring their cats for care during their absence for vacation or other commitments. All proceeds from the entire operations of the Animal Welfare Center are used for the association's animal welfare work.

Come to visit!

During visiting hours, you can get acquainted with the activities of the animal welfare association and admire the homeless cats! The visiting hours for the Animal Welfare Center are Saturdays from 2 pm to 5 pm (excluding public holidays). Additionally, there is a visiting hour at the Animal Welfare Center during the café's opening hours. You can find the café's opening hours at All other visits need to be arranged in advance.



Eläinsuojelukeskus Miu

Itäinen Kanavatie 6

53420 Lappeenranta

p. 050 553 6100