Equipment hire

There is a wide variety of summer and winter sports waiting for you in Lappeenranta. You can go out with a group or by yourself. The tourism companies in the area  can rent you excellent equipment and, if needed, guide services can be added to the package.
In addition to bicycles, you can rent canoes, kayaks, a row boat that seats the whole family or SUP boards, which are a great choice for a trip to the nearby islands, at the Sandcastle. You can rent the equipment for a few hours – or a few weeks! Karhusaari island and its lean-to hut are less than one kilometre away from the shore.

Information about equipment hiring

In the winter, the rental selection includes cross-country skiing and tour skating equipment that can help you go on longer trips. You can rent skis for traditional cross-country skiing, skate skiing or the popular nano skis.
Our homepage lists the services where you can hire sports and camping equipment.

Sports and camping equipment rental services:


  • Electric Bikes
  • SUP-boards
  • Bicycles
  • Mountain bikes
  • A row boat
  • Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Cross-country skis

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  •  Snowshoes
  • Gliding snow shoes
  • e-Fatbikes
  • e-bikes