Lauritsala Church

The Lauritsala Church, beautifully known as the “Heavenly Light” was designed by architects Toivo Korhonen and Jaakko Laapotti. The church was completed in 1969, and is in the shape of an equilateral triangle. The concrete roof of the church was constructed using a slipform casting method and it features a large glass roof. Furthermore, the wall behind the altar has vertical windows, all the way to the top of the church. This means that “heavenly light” can enter the church both through the end wall and the skylights.
In 1991, a boat made of deadwood and titled “The Truth” was hoisted to the ceiling of the church, to commemorate the local wood processing industry.

Information about the church


The Lauritsala district that later became the Lauritsala township, grew as a part of Lappee parish, with its own parish being established in 1951. Lauritsala merged with Lappeenranta in 1967.
The church complex was completed according to the entry entitled “The Heavenly Light” that had been awarded first prize in a 1957 architecture competition. The team included Architect Toivo Korhonen and a student of architecture Jaakko Laapotti, aided and assisted by the design and engineering company, Magnus Malmberg Oy.
The flat-roofed congregational centre was completed in 1961 and the church that was designed as a contrast to it, in 1969. The terraced house for the parish workers was the last of the church complex buildings to be inaugurated, in 1970. The architectural features of the facilities were further developed in the construction phase. The overall composition and details differ from the competition entry.

    The church was completed in 1969
    It is 47 metres high
    The shape of the church symbolises the Holy Trinity.

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