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Art gallery and creative events space almost both in the middle of the nature and in downtown in historical environment. The space is available also for customer specific events.

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”Dead_Line part. 1” 2 - 24 April 2020 at Galleria Pihatto, Lappeenranta

Visual artist Annina Kettunen's virtual exhibition “Dead_Line part. 1 ” contains large-scale mixed-media drawings, where the imprint struggles between free and controlled. Coincidentally Kettunen’s line in the works reflects the prevailing global state - restrictions are formed, laws are put to use and personal freedom is a topical issue. The works are made with a surrealistic grip and they were born in dialogue with reality, including human contemplation of existence. Life is currently very uncertain and many have had to stop at basic issues and consider what things weigh in the balance.

Kettunen’s working is based on a kind of spontaneous logic and the future is difficult to predict. She wants to maintain surprise and unknown resistance in her process. In her drawings, she naturally combines figurativeness, abstract traces and geometric lines / patterns. The process prior to the work, as well as the study and observation of drawing, are usually more relevant to the artist than the end result.
Kettunen graduated as a visual artist in the spring of 2017 from Saimaa University of Applied Sciences from sculpture department, but large-scale drawing turned out to be the primary method of making art. Sculpting ceramic clay still stays alongside drawing in the background. However, three-dimensional thinking, spatiality, and listening to materials are the key in her artistic work. In January 2020, she began her postgraduate studies at LAB University of Applied Sciences with a master's degree in visual arts.

For Kettunen drawing is primarily a tool for thinking. She understands drawing as an activity that supports the good character and way of living and existing as a human; the body and mind works in inseparable co-operation and drawing is tool for describing new and surprising, subconscious, non-verbal interpretations. The observation of her own handprint in the form of a line and a result of its development is currently important in her working - she has recently focused on the study of drawing as a method. Figurative drawing comes from time when she had a strong focus on studying anatomy and mastering it and it is also important point for the main theme.
The title of the exhibition “Dead_Line” comes from the experiences of frustration in the uncertainty, vagueness and intermittency of the artist’s profession and those are harmfull to the sensitiveness in the artistic process.


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