Cavalry Museum

The Cavalry Museum is housed in the oldest building in Lappeenranta, which was completed in 1772, as the guardhouse for the Russian garrison. The Cavalry Museum was established as a cooperative effort of the City of Lappeenranta, the Uusimaa Dragoon Battalion and the Dragoon Heritage Association. The Museum opened in 1973.

Museum is closed because of renovations


Kristiinankatu 2, 53900 Lappeenranta

phone +358 5 616 2261

Lappeenranta garrison was constructed during the 1890’s, and was perhaps in its time the best garrison facility in the Russian Empire. During the 1920’s and 1930’s, both the Uusimaa (Nyland) Regiment of Dragoons and the Häme (Tavastland) Regiment of Cavalry were stationed in Lappeenranta garrison.

    The cavalry was an integral part of the military forces, in the early years of Finnish independence.
    The oldest piece of weaponry on display, a flintlock rifle, dates from the 18th century.