Old Town Hall

Completed in 1829, the Old Town Hall or Raatihuone in Lappeenranta is the oldest existing wooden town hall, in Finland. After its completion, it was the first public building in Lappeenranta, in addition to the church. The town hall was damaged by bombing in 1940, but has since been restored, close to its original colour. The Old Town Hall is partly decorated with original, renovated furniture and lighting.

Information about the Old Town Hall

The clock served for 126 years

In its first expansion, a belfry was built and a clock was acquired from Master Craftsman Juhana Ala-Könni from Ilmajoki. The original clock served the people of Lappeenranta for 126 years, until 1973, when an electric clock was installed in the tower. The original clock is kept in the South Karelia Museum.

    The style of the Old Town House represents the trends of the 1840s.
    The indoor interiors date from the 1880s.
    The Old Town Hall has undergone three expansion projects.

Raastuvankatu 7, 53100 Lappeenranta

Further information:
tel. +358 5 667 788