Water tower's viewpoint

The water tower is one the city's best known landmarks. Built in 1927, the 40 meters tall tower has been in its current appearance since 1954.

The water tower's viewpoint is open to public during summertime. To get to the top there's 160 steps to be climbed. But once up, you will be rewarded with a beatiful view of the city!


While in the area, have a walk around the lovely arboretum, a botanical garden, that starts from behind the water tower.

The ‘Once upon a time, there was... a view from a water tower’ exhibition hung up in Lappeenranta water tower

The exhibitions focuses on Lappeenranta – the centre of the new province of South Karelia, which was built after the war from the pieces of the Viipuri province.

The cultural-historical exhibition, based on Lappeenranta Museums’ picture collections, is inspired by the changing cityscape opening up from the windows of the water tower: Lappeenranta’s own view from a water tower.

The photographs, mainly dating from the 1950s to the early 1990s, are displayed under four headings that also reflect the city’s long history and its stages of growth: On the shores of Lake Saimaa, In the middle of the city, In the suburbs and In the welfare city. In addition to photographs, the exhibition includes tourist, address and town planning maps of Lappeenranta from different periods.

Opening hours

On May 18-August 31 2023
See opening hours on Banana Tree restaurant's website here


Valtakatu 55, 53100 Lappeenranta

Admission fees

The tower can only be accessed by ten people at a time due to limitations on the number of people.

7-years or older adults 6€
Student 4€
3 to 6-years old 3€
Under 3-y free entrance

Tickets are sold by the Banana Tree restaurant located at the foot of the tower