Naurissaari island

Naurissaari is a beautiful island in a natural state, with several Salpa Line bunkers, trenches, dugouts and firing stations. A network of paths runs around the island.

A diverse local nature site, Naurissaari can be reached in winter from the Tyysterniemi lakeside route, for example. In summer, the lean-to is also a great stopover for canoeists and recreational boaters.

You can explore the island and the Salpa Line independently – there are no signs on the paths. There is a lean-to and a campfire site on the west side of the island. A landing place for canoes and small boats can be found a few hundred metres north of the lean-to.

In winter, the lean-to can be reached by skiing and by taking an ice trail, so it serves skiers and winter hikers in particular. The ice ski trail maintained by the city passes the island on the southern, northern and western sides.