Saimaa Canal Trail

Saimaa Canal is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Lappeenranta. You can explore the canal on a cultural trail. Most sections of the trail are easy. Some steps.

The Saimaa Canal Cultural Trail (Saimaan kanavan kulttuuripolku) runs by the side of the canal, between the locks of Mustola and Mälkiä. The length of the trail in one direction is 1.5 km.

Information about the trail


The easiest way to access the trail is from the Canal Museum, in the vicinity of the Mälkiä lock. The trail takes you to the garden of the Canal Museum, bypasses the Mälkiä lock and the Pien-Mustola lock, and continues to the Mustola lock. There are information boards on the phases of the canal buildings, the landscape, the vegetation and the water structures. At the start and end points of the trail, you will find information boards that contain maps regarding the Saimaa Canal Cultural Trail and the part of Saimaa Canal that is located in the territory of Finland. Their English translations are available at the Canal Museum.

The trail starts from the Saimaa Canal Museum (Address: Sulkuvartijankatu 16, 53300 Lappeenranta)