Uus-Lavola health trail

Exercising in nature will improve your fitness and mood, natural microbes will promote your health, your stress will be relieved and your mind will recover – come and experience the Uus-Lavola health trail!

A wide variety of species and the naturalness of the forest, or at least the feel of naturalness, are among the qualities that contribute to the recovery experience. Please come and visit, put your fingers in the moss, enjoy the scents of nature, and bring a bucket for berries or a basket for mushrooms, because Doctor Forest offers an abundance of superfood.

The Uus-Lavola health forest has an approximately one-kilometre trail with signs describing the health benefits of nature. The surrounding area has ridge nature and a rather old spruce forest. The health trail can be reached from Näätäkarankatu street (may also appear in the map as Tilsalantie) or from Minkinkatu street.