Vipeleensuo nature trail

Running in boggy terrain in Vipeleensuo, Rauha, the trail is less than a kilometre long.

You can admire mire nature as well as the ridge scenery along the route, which is equipped with signs. There is a nice rest stop along the trail, where you can sit down at the table and enjoy your snacks.
The duckboards make it easier to move along the trail, but there are also steep slopes that are difficult to ascend.

There is a sign for the nature trail on the parking area of Tiuru Hospital and on the Rauha beach, on the path starting from Vipelentie road.

The City of Lappeenranta built the Vipeleensuo nature trail and many other local nature sites during the year in which Lappeenranta won the European Green Leaf 2021 award granted by the European Commission.