Lappeenranta’s summer of music

Experience an unforgettable summer of music festivals in Lappeenranta! Below you can find a few top picks. More of the summer’s major events are listed on the Lappeenranta’s summer of events page. You should also look at the offerings of Lappeenranta’s event calendar.

The positive feedback says that just one day is nowhere near enough: Lappeenranta, one of Europe’s greenest cities, invites you to experience and see its attractions!

Summer concerts

Lappeenranta’s traditional summer concerts are back: Enjoy them in Harbour Square on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as on select weekends. The Market Square (Kauppatori) has concerts on Saturdays, and Sandcastle offers a programme for the whole family on Sundays. Joutseno square is livened up with Thursday concerts throughout the summer. There are also themed evenings, such as a partner dance Friday and a band night in July. Find the summer concerts on our event guide (search for "summer concerts")

Karelian choir week 12–19 June 2022

There has always been a strong tradition of singing and choirs in the Karelian region. The idea of the choir week started with choirs’ desire to have a community event so that choir music would fill the whole of Lappeenranta, highlight the importance of choir singing and create a sense of community between choirs. At the same time, choirs can inspire new singers to join their ranks, and audiences get to hear a varied selection of choir music throughout the week.

During the week, we get to enjoy the choirs’ own concerts, lectures, sing-alongs and choir picnics as well as performances by the choirs at mass and in bars! The public events are free of charge. Tickets for the choirs’ own concerts are sold by the Winkki customer service centre of the City of Lappeenranta and at as well as at the door. Read more on the event organiser’s website here.

Karelian Old Town Festival 29–31 July 2022

The Old Town Festival is a new three-day event experience at the Lappeenranta Fortress, centred on an 18th century market. In addition, the event features live music, food and drink, historical street shows, work demonstrations and a variety of historical performances from days past, such as swordfights and old dances. The event simultaneously entertains and educates the audience about Lappeenranta’s important local history. Read more here.

Kumaus Festival 25–28 August 2022

The Kumaus Festival, which first rocked the Finnish festival field in 2019, once again offers audiences surprising art music in Lappeenranta. The aim of the festival is to break old moulds and build and create new offerings for the Finnish music field. The core of Kumaus is formed by double bassist Helka Seppälä and percussionist Lauri Pekkarinen from Lappeenranta City Orchestra as well as Lappeenranta-based accordion artist and conductor Janne Valkeajoki. Buy tickets here.

Do not change the scenery – stay longer on the shores of Lake Saimaa

Lappeenranta has plenty of things to do for every day of the week, so why not stay for longer? Explore the weekly activities programme, many activities of which are guaranteed to be organised – even for just one participant.
The Lappeenranta region hosts a wide variety of events, and the offering is constantly expanding. The most up-to-date information is available on the Lappeenranta Events website.
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