Sustainable tourism park

The City of Lappeenranta's sustainable tourism strategy involves, on the one hand, reducing the tourists' carbon footprint and, on the other, enhancing the regeneration of the ecosystem by increasing urban greenery. As a part of this strategy, a concept of sustainable travel park will be opened in the Fortress in August of 2024. To end the City's open doors day and Greenreality -carnival on August 29th, the first tree planting event will be held at the fortress, at the Ruutikellarinpuisto park. The signposts at the area will guide visitors to the park. The concept will continue annually as planting events and will extend to other areas of the fortress.

City of lindens

The planted trees, which are part of the Sustainable tourism park concept are going to be lindens, which are familiar sight on the streets and parks of the city, maples and birches. In the selection of tree species, the current variety of trees and the city’s tree policy have been taken into account. The trees to be planted will replace those removed from the area due to poor condition and will complement the existing tree stock. By planting trees, we are responding to the effects of climate change. The aim of planting new trees is to maintain the wooded silhouette of the upper part of the fortress and to create shade for the lawn area, which is used for picnics and other recreational activities, as well as various events. The saplings are going to be bought with Customer service center Winkki's service fees from ticket sales, which is 10 cents per ticket. Companies and private persons are warmly welcome to join the planting events and funding of the saplings. The planters are going to be mentioned at the city's tre registry and on the website of VisitLappeenranta. You can get more information from Lappeenranta's Tourist Information Center.

Lappeenranta’s roadmap for sustainable tourism has been developed as part of VisitFinland’s Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) programme, which is implemented regionally by goSaimaa, the regional tourism marketing and development company. The roadmap is also linked to goSaimaa and the City of Lappeenranta’s development plan as well as the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism, to which Lappeenranta is committed. The City of Lappeenranta is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. The goal of the regional collaboration is to reduce emmissions and promote sustainable travel to the area.


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