Cycling Lappeenranta

It is easy to bicycle around Lappeenranta. There is a total of 275 kilometres of bicycle roads with spectacular views and 95 kilometres of main bicycle routes. The cycling route network has been systematically extended and the main routes have been selected so that they form a comprehensive and clear network throughout the city, from all directions. In a border city like Lappeenranta, bicycling is a transnational hobby that extends into Russia: the Lappeenranta-Vyborg Friendship Bicycling Event will be organised in May, just as it has been, since 1988.

Lappeenranta was the Cycling City of the Year 2015

Lappeenranta has been nationally recognised for its effort in cycling development. The 'Suomi Pyöräilee' (Finland Cycles) working committee granted Lappeenranta the Cycling City of the Year 2015 award. The award criteria included the goal-oriented development of the main network of cycling routes between the City’s districts and the way active cyclists have been consulted in order to improve cycling conditions, over the years.

Nearly 100 km of main routes

There are amazing cycling routes, with spectacular views of Lake Saimaa, in the Lappeenranta area. The main cycle routes have signs that indicate the distance to destinations and traffic sign poles have been marked with coloured tape to indicate the route.

Cycling ruotes:

The Lappeenranta City Tour by bicycle (12 km)

Saimaa Canal Lock cycling route (25 km)

Wetland and Limestone Cycling Tour (25 km)

Local food tasting cycling route from Lappeenranta (85 km)

Saimaa Canal cycling Route (50 km)

Taipalsaari scenic route for cyclists (40-50 km) 

Great Saimaa Tour (360-530 km)

Two towns on the border, Lappeenranta-Imatra cycling route (130km)

Cycling events

Several cycling events are organised in Lappeenranta, such as the Willimiesajot race,  cycling trips and village cycling.
Check out the programmes and join the cycling fun!