6. Hyväntuulentie Street + Halkosaari Island

Viewpoints to Lake Saimaa

Hyväntuulentie Street – long stairs leading up to the center – diverges from the Beach Route of the harbor. The stairs offer a surprising and special viewpoint especially for tourists, because there are benches along the stairs with a view towards Lake Saimaa and the Fortress.

Address: Ainonkatu 21-23 (Starting point of the stairs), distance from center 600m

When returning to Ainonkatu, the Beach Route, the next exit leads to Halkosaari Island.

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Besides a popular rug washing place, it is also a homeport for various boats. The island’s path leads to a round pavilion in the island’s tip.

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Address: Ainonkatu 37, distance from center 1km

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Vanessa Techera