7. Myllysaari Island + Kimpinen Outdoor Trail

A diversal beach day

The Myllysaari Swimming Beach is popular especially on summer’s warmest days. There are various swimming places in the area: a beach, an outdoor swimming pool and a kids’ beach near children’s playground. Besides a beach trip, there are also other activities to do in the area. It is possible to play volleyball and basketball, and get active in a small parkour park. During summer, also group exercise classes are arranged on lawn.

Address: Myllysaarenpolku
Via the long stairs starting from Ainonkatu to Mäkikatu, it is possible to get to the Kimpinen Outdoor Trail. You don’t have to be a runner to use the path, since you can sit down on the benches along the route on Lake Saimaa’s side.

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While sitting on the benches, the view opening behind the trees is special, since this viewpoint is located on a high hill.

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The location is calm and enjoyable, and via the trail it is easy to take a shortcut towards the center.

Address: Ainonkatu, distance from center less than 2km

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Vanessa Techera